Classical Ballet for Adults

Classical Ballet for Adults

Beginners Course
You are never too old to dance!

Have you ever had a secret desire to take ballet lessons yet hesitated because of age or lack of confidence? Here you can enjoy the dance experience in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

A modified classical training increases our mobility and body awareness, enhances body posture, builds muscle tone and endurance, thus improving our physical fitness in a healthy way. The beginner is introduced to an elementary ballet technique and gradually develops skills in self-expression, mime and body language. New forms of movement are explored, the movement repertoire is continuously expanded

Advanced Course

erwachsene2Did you ever have ballet lessons as a child or in your early years and now want to re-kindle your old passion after a long break? Then this is the right course for you. It builds upon the fundamentals of classical ballet and extends the educational targets of the beginner’s course