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web saal 1The Ballet Academy was founded in 1992 by Joyce Desiderio-von Bühler after ending her stage career as a professional ballet dancer. The Academy originated from the renowned Carole Mare Ballet Studio in Bonn Bad Godesberg and continues a fifty year long tradition. Today, it is recognized as the largest and only ballet school in Bonn and surroundings devoted exclusively to the teaching of classical ballet, while integrating elements of modern and jazz dance into the more advanced syllabi.


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Participants from 4 to 70 years of age: children and teenagers, students and adults, beginners and advanced students will experience a broad range of classes presented in a pleasant and friendly environment.A large and airy  studio, equipped with a spring floor, offers ample space for creative and demanding choreography in an appealing ambiance.




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The Ballet Academy stresses the joy of movement, dance and music without the negative competitiveness and pressure most often associated with formal ballet training, but with a touch of humor and the discipline that is indispensable for classical ballet. This is the foundation on which the academy encourages the students to learn.



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In the past, students of the Ballet Academy have performed at numerous civic and private functions of various institutions in Bonn, in dance competitions and regional ballet festivals. The elaborate ballet productions performed in the assembly hall of the Konrad–Adenauer-Gymnasium and in the Maritim Hotel Bonn with over 250 students are proof of the outstanding achievements of the Ballet Academy.